3d Future Bike Racing

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3d Future Bike Racing: You are in for a wild ride in this futuristic racing environment. Your goal is to finish the race as soon as possible. This game is fastpaced and you must collect fuel F icons and if possible do not hit obstacles but if you are hit you can recharge your shield by collecting shield icons S in the race track. After each level you have a choice to upgrade your bike, select the best option for you to gain an advantage in winning the next race. Do you have what it takes to go for a wild futuristic bike ride
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3d Future Bike Racing is a flash game that you can enjoy playing online for free. Despite that You are in for a wild ride in this futuristic racing environment, you can find new playable games every day. If you liked this game, you can play similar games to 3d Future Bike Racing at Gamelola.com. Embed Your Favorite Games: Add your favorite games to your Blog or Facebook page and can play on your own website!
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