About Gamelola.com

Gamelola.com was developed in 2007 by Kiallio. The domain name was purchased in January 1st 2008. Kiallio wanted to create a website where users could get benefit of playing online games for free. The site initially was in 6 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. It was designed using tables with minimum CSS. Despite its creator only spoke English and Spanish, Gamelola.com was translated using Google’s translator. In the mid of 2010, Gamelola.com was being redesigned with a new concept. However, this project stopped. In December 2011, Gamelola.com started to change because 26 more languages were incorporated, seofriendly the site became and more features emerged. Gamelola.com is not longer supported by Google’s translator. Instead, it uses Microsoft Bing’s translator.